Hey guys!!!

Hope all is well with you.. I wish to tell my story thus far.  This is why I do what I do.  God gives 
me favor each and everyday, grace to go on.  I wake up every day knowing I am blessed.  I have gone through
a kidney transplant,  suffered a brain stem bleed.  I was told 6 years ago my kidney would reject.  I told that
doctor that God would decide that, not him.  I had a stroke, 2 years ago,  June 23, 2015, in a coma for ten days &
woke up thinking, this had to be a dream.  My son told me “it was not”.  Through it all I was selling my Mary Kay
When I speak of the Mary Kay business opportunity, I am sincere.  Right now  I am still recovering from my stroke.  
I have to learn how to walk again,  I am in a wheelchair, but I still have my Mary Kay business.  

I built my Mary Kay business while I was on dialysis. I could only have my parties on Tuesday, Thursdays and weekends.  For you see
I was too tired from my dialysis days on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  I was selling on my way to my transplant.  Still passing out books.  I could still do my thing.  I was queen of sales  in my unit for 2 consecutive years, and was in the top 10 the year I got my transplant.  I came back from my transplant and was queen again.  All was well until I had the stroke.  Through I am still selling Mary Kay.  The dream is real ya’ll!  I can’t walk , yet,  but I remain in the top 10 of my unit.  Remember I cannot drive, so I depend on  God, social media and my loyal customers. With the support of my loving husband, Archie and my son Adrian, family & friends,  I am making it happen.  You can too.. So let me tell you about Mary Kay..

If I can do it, you can too. So this is my story,  so far.  I am just getting started.!!! Please contact me with your comments.

Sharman Marshall-Burks