BLOG/ My Healing Journey

The last time I spoke with you I was rehabbing.  Well I still am. I feel myself healing. I am 
walking on the treadmill(with assistance) at UT Southwestern Gait Clinic.  I walked 13 minutes.  I had special company.  My 
mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law.  I wanted to keep pushing myself.   

It looks like a lot, but it is worth it.  I practice everyday at home on a special walker.  The 
more you walk,  the better your muscles adapt and strengthen.  I didn’t hurt to have two
extra spectators cheering me on.  They came from Louisiana for a special visit.  Our family
and friends have been very supportive.  Love and laughter is always good for the spirit & soul.  
A lot of prayer & faith is necessary as well.  God’s Healing Power! I will keep walking in faith. 
In the words of the old negro spiritual.
“I come this far by Faith.  Leaning on the Lord.  Trusting in his holy name (word).  He hasn’t failed me yet.  Oh Oh Oh Oh, can’t
turn around. ” 
Sing it if you know it!