Hey guys!

Its been a long time. I have been really busy.  I have been going through a transition phase.
I’ve had to get a new caregiver & rehabbing.  It has been very emotional for me.  Also in between that 
time I was told by my physical therapist that would always need assistance.  Of course I know that is only if
the Lord says so.  It is still hard to hear. To be dependent on someone else for the rest of your life is difficult. 
My husband is so good & loving towards me, and so is my son. I am still blessed.  I still have my mind, my family, friends and my
Mary Kay. Most of all, my faith.  I am making slow progress in my walking. Not enough to me.  However I will never give up, and I
will always keep the faith.   Got to run though.  Have to run another Mary Kay promotional..  STAY FABULOUS!

DELIGHT THYSELF IN THE LORD; And he will you the desires of your
heart. Psalms 37:4