I have definitely seen better days in rehab.  I went today and it was lousy.  Seems like
I was weaker.  I only spent over 2 minutes on the treadmill.  Believe me, that was a 
struggle.  Last week I spent 7 minutes, plus some exercises.  That is a lot for a a stroke 
victim.   So we went to the gym and did mostly leg exercises to strengthen my hip muscles.
I continue to practice walking at home.  I was instructed to walk in the morning, when I am 
fresh,  and do my leg exercises in the evenings. ” I can do all things through Jesus who strengthens
me.”..Phillipians 4:13. Do you know the story of Joshua and Jericho?  That is me and a goal of prayer.
You can read that in – Joshua 6.  That is me in short order.  I am on the 2nd day without the priest and in a

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Hopefully I will have  better result next week.  Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

Until then,  I will keep circling.

If you have suggestions or words of encouragement email me at