Guys I did much better today!  What a difference a week makes.  I am so excited!  What did my preacher say,” A setback is a setup for
a comeback.” Prayer & Practice is my calling.  I built back up to walking 4 laps around my house in the morning.  By

taking iron tablets, I am building up my blood strength and hopefully my blood.  But I had a breakthrough, and that is 
all that matters!  I am still trying, and will not give up.  My GOD, of course, keeps me going, but support of family and friends doesn’t hurt. My thanks to my nurse who helps me Monday-Friday.  I am still working my Mary Kay business; http://www.marykay.com/smarshall-burks   That keeps me sharp mentally.  It also goes without saying, my husband has the patience of Job.. lovingly as well. Question,  suppose I had no insurance?

I am also a fan of image and fashion so let me give you some fashion tips.

Create your dream closet with a wardrobe that reflects your personality and demonstrates your confidence.  Learn to combine different outfits to give you that brand new feeling. Remove items that are unflattering to your figure and that helps you decide what is worth keeping and what to toss.
Just a sidebar.

See you next week!