1 Step Back……

Guys, hope you are listening!  I went to rehab yesterday..I walked horrible.  I was walking crouched
over my legs were buckling and my knees were flexing back.  Last week I had lost a lot of blood, vaginally.
Yikes!  I went to my obgyn, who referred me to an oncologist.  Very nice, informative and thorough.  She 
did a biopsy of my uterus, and it was benign.( thank God).  She felt it was the Xarelto medication that was causing me to
bleed. Well after a week of heavy bleeding, and finding out bleeding after a biopsy is normal, I started flooding.
I praised the Lord for benign, but this was crazy.  I called the oncologist again. She spoke with me and said she
still felt it was the Xarelto.  She suggested that I speak with the prescribing doctor. I did he & took me off of the medication. 
My numbers went down,  so I was weak.  They are reenforcing with iron tablets. So I am regaining my footing.  I feel like I am starting over. I’ll let you know about my progress.  Stay tuned…