A day in the life of me recovering from a stroke.  I had a brain stem bleed June 23, 2015.  It is now  Nov. 23, 2016. You may ask why I just   decided to write something? This is the first day I could.  Along with the stroke  I lost partial hearing in my left […]

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Life is like a boxing match.  You have to roll with the punches.  I’ve been bobing and weaving all my life.I world may have turned upside down,but God always landed me  on my feet.  I have been bankrupt, reppossed andforeclosed on.   Part of life right?.I have been on dialysis, have gotten a kidney transplantr, […]

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In this world of stress and strife we need a buffer. My buffer is God. He keeps me sane. I had a stroke and I keep praying. God has granted me my miracle. I am here in rehab, working hard to get better day by day. I still have friends and my church supporting me […]

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DFW Image Consultant asks: Do you have your Dream Closet? Sharman Marshall-Burks, Image Consultant

 DFW Image Consultant, Sharman Marshall-Burks , asks: Do you have your Dream Closet?  Imagin U in your dream closet with a wardrobe that reflects your personality and demonstrates your confidence.  Your closet should add excitement every time you enter.  It should be easy to pick out an outfit without taking long deliberations in the morning […]

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